Forbes Clan Bookmarks 5 Pack

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Introducing our Forbes Clan Bookmarks 5 Pack - the perfect accessory for any proud clan member! These bookmarks are not just your ordinary bookmarks, but a true celebration of your Scottish heritage.

Each bookmark in this pack features an all-over tartan image, showcasing the rich colors and patterns that make your clan unique. But it doesn't stop there - we've taken it a step further by including your clan crest and a reproduction of your clansman from the famous RR McIan prints. It's like having a piece of history right at your fingertips!

But that's not all. We know that being part of a clan is more than just a name - it's about a sense of belonging and pride. That's why each bookmark in this pack also includes a short clan history, motto translation, and crest description on the reverse. Now you can truly understand and appreciate the significance of your clan's symbols.

Here are two key features that make our Forbes Clan Bookmarks 5 Pack a must-have for all clan enthusiasts:

  • Authentic Tartan Design: The all-over tartan image on each bookmark ensures that you carry your clan's colors with you wherever you go. It's a stylish way to showcase your heritage.
  • Rich Clan History: With the short clan history, motto translation, and crest description provided on the reverse, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your clan's traditions and accomplishments. It's like having a mini encyclopedia in your hands!

So why settle for ordinary bookmarks when you can have ones that represent your clan's rich history and traditions? Get your Forbes Clan Bookmarks 5 Pack today and let your Scottish heritage shine through!

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