Maclay Modern Springweight Tartan Material by the meter

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Introducing the Maclay Modern Springweight Tartan Material by the meter, the perfect choice for all your tartan fabric needs.

This lightweight tartan material is crafted from 100% wool, ensuring a high-quality and durable fabric. Measuring 54" in width (137cm), it offers a wide range of uses for various projects.

Whether you're looking to create your own scarves, sashes, or other personalized items, this tartan material is ideal. Its ultra-lightweight design provides a comfortable and versatile fabric that can be easily tailored to suit your requirements.

  • High-quality 100% wool fabric
  • Lightweight and versatile

Not suitable for kilts, this tartan material is designed for a multitude of other creative applications. It allows you to indulge in your crafting talents and explore various projects.

Please note that this fabric is sold by the meter, with one unit equivalent to approximately 39" in length. To ensure you order the correct amount, carefully consider the length you need.

Although cut cloth is non-refundable or exchangeable, we offer peace of mind by delivering exemplary customer service and a high-quality product. We work in collaboration with a reputable Scottish company that has been established for over 50 years.

Rest assured, the wool tartan woven in the border town of Selkirk sets the bar for superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Our mission is to bring these authentic Scottish products straight to your doorstep.

Experience the Maclay Modern Springweight Tartan Material by the meter and embark on your creative journey today!

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