MacPhail Hunting Modern Lightweight Tartan by the Meter

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Introducing the MacPhail Hunting Modern Lightweight Tartan by the Meter! Crafted from 100% Pure Wool Tartan - Worsted, this tartan showcases the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern lightweight construction.

Woven by one of Scotland's oldest and most respected woolen mills, this 10oz lightweight tartan is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. The tartan measures approximately 59" wide (150cm), providing ample fabric for your creative endeavors.

Each unit of this remarkable tartan is sold by the meter, with 1 meter equating to approximately 39" in length. With a choice of quantity, you can tailor your purchase to meet your exact needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Quality: Made from 100% pure wool, this tartan offers unparalleled comfort, durability, and warmth.
  • Modern Lightweight Design: Despite its lightweight nature, this tartan doesn't compromise on its traditional appeal, allowing for effortless draping and easy movement.

Whether you're looking to create stunning garments, stylish accessories, or unique home decor, the MacPhail Hunting Modern Lightweight Tartan by the Meter is the perfect choice for your creative projects. Embrace the timeless beauty of tartan with this premium-quality fabric.

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