Nisbet Muted - Old and Rare Tartan Medium

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Introducing the Nisbet Muted - Old and Rare Tartan in Medium weight. This exquisite tartan is part of the House of Edgars' exclusive 'Old and Rare' range, crafted from 100% Pure New Wool kilting cloth.

Designed with kilt making in mind, this tartan is woven in single width, ensuring quality and durability. Whether you're a skilled kilt maker or embarking on your first project, this tartan is perfect for creating a timeless piece.

Key Features:

  • Premium Materials: Made from 100% Pure New Wool kilting cloth, this tartan offers exceptional quality and luxurious feel.
  • Medium Weight: With a weight of approximately 13-14oz, this tartan strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Measuring 80cm in width, you can purchase this tartan by the meter. Each quantity of 1 represents 1 meter by 80cm, allowing you to easily order the desired length for your project.

Experience the charm and elegance of the Nisbet Muted - Old and Rare Tartan in Medium weight. Whether you're planning to create a traditional kilt or seeking inspiration for other unique creations, this tartan is a must-have.

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