Sinclair Hunting Ancient Wool Wedding Garter

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Add a touch of heritage to your wedding ensemble with the Sinclair Hunting Ancient Wool Wedding Garter. This elasticated garter is meticulously crafted from soft wool and features delicate lace trimmings for an elegant touch. Handmade to order, this garter is designed to ensure the perfect fit for your special day.

What sets this garter apart is the option to choose your tartan, allowing you to incorporate your family's heritage or match the colors of your wedding theme. Whether you want to showcase your Scottish roots or add a unique twist to your attire, this garter delivers both style and tradition.

Don't underestimate the importance of a garter on your wedding day. It's not just a stylish accessory; it's a symbolic tradition that dates back centuries. Wear the Sinclair Hunting Ancient Wool Wedding Garter with pride, knowing you're honoring customs that have stood the test of time.

What Our Customers Have Said About This Product ...


"Loved the tartan garter. It is on its way to a New Zealand wedding."


"I ordered a tie and a garter from ScotClans and the products are beautiful. I needed both of them for my wedding and they made it possible by being so helpful and rushing my order. Thank you ScotClans!"

Why choose the Sinclair Hunting Ancient Wool Wedding Garter?

  • Customizable tartan selection for a personalized touch
  • Handmade with high-quality wool and delicate lace for elegance and comfort

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with the Sinclair Hunting Ancient Wool Wedding Garter. Embrace tradition and showcase your unique style all in one accessory. Order now and create lasting memories with this timeless piece.

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