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Kennedy Clan Crest

Kennedy Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: MacUalraig, Ceannaideach
Motto: Avise la fin (Consider the end)
Badge: Oak
Lands: Carrick, Ayrshire, Lochaber, and Skye
Origin of Name: Gaelic ceannaideach (Ugly head)
Clan Chief: The Most Hon. The Marquess of Ailsa

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Kennedy Tartan

Kennedy Modern

Kennedy Modern

Kennedy Clan tartan

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Clan History

Clan Kennedy by McIan

Clan Kennedy by McIan

Kennedy History

Kennedy comes from the flattering Gaelic word cinneidigh, which in ancient Ireland meant “ugly headed”.

Crossing the Irish Sea to settle in an area of Dalriada now called Carrick in Ayrshire, they were probably led by Gilbert, whose son Duncan became the 1st Earl of Carrick in the 12th century.

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Clan Lands

Kennedy Lands

Kennedy Map

Kennedy Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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