Clan Strange

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Strange Clan Crest

Strange Clan Crest


Crest: A cluster of grapes, Proper
Motto: Dulce Quod Utile (That Which Is Useful Is Sweet)
Origin of Name: From the Scots word Strang/Strong
Clan Chief: Major Timothy Strange of Balcaskie


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Strange Tartan

Strange of Balcaskie

Strange of Balcaskie

Strange Clan tartan

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Clan History

Balcaskie House

Balcaskie House

Strange History

The name Strange is generally found in the Scottish Lowlands, particularly in Fife, although there are some families of this name found in Orkney.  It is believed that the name derives variously  from the Norse Strangi, the Norman name ‘étrange’, meaning stranger or foreigner, or the Scots form of ‘Strong’.
In Orkney the name generally takes the form Strong, while in the Lowlands it is found as Lestrange, Strange, Strang as well as Strong.
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Clan Lands

Strange Lands


Strange Map

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