Clan MacLeod

Gaelic Name: MacLeòid

Crest: A bull’s head cabossed Sable, horned Or, between two flags Gules, staved at the First

Motto: Hold Fast

Badge: Juniper

Lands: Skye and Harris

Clan Chief: Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod

Associated Names

The following names are considered septs of Clan MacLeod:

Beaton, Betha, Bethune, Beton, Harald, Haraldson, Harold, Harrell, Harrold, Herrald, MacHarold, MacRalte, MacRaild, Andie, MacAndie, McCaskill, MacHandie, MacKande, MacKandy, Makcandy, MacCaig, MacCoig, MacCowig, MacCrivag, MacCuaig, MacKaig, MacQuigg, MacAlear, MacClewer, MacClure, MacLeur, MacLewer, MacLewis, Lewis, MacLur, MacLure, Cremmon, Crimmon, Griman, Grimman, Grimmond, MacCrimmon, MacCrummen, MacGrimman, MacGrymmen, MacRimmon, MacKilliam, MacKullie, MacWilliam, MacWilliams, MacWillie, MacWylie, McCullie, Williamson, Norman, Normand, Norris, Norval, Norwell, Tormud


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