MacLeod Places & People

Clan MacLeod People

Roderick MacLeod (d.1626)
Known as Ruaraidh Mor, he was the 15th clan chief and an important cultural figure of his day. He is the subject of the famous “Rory Mor’s Lament”, composed by Patrick Mor MacCrimmon.

Norman MacLeod (b.1780)
A mesmeric preacher, he established religious communities in Nova Scotia, Australia and New Zealand. He devoted parishioners followed him around the world.

Dr. Norman MacLeod (1783-1862)
A Gaelic writer, he issued the anthology “Carald nan Gaidheal”, which was at one time to be found in every home in the Highlands of Scotland. Dr. George MacLeod (b.1895) In 1937 he became the Leader of the Iona Community, whose work is to restore the buildings of Scotland’s most sacred site in order to fulfil the prophecy that before the world comes to an end “Iona will be as it was”.