Newlands Clan History
Newlands, or Nielands, is also the name of an old barony in the sheriffdom of Kincardine, and in Peebles-shire a parish, so it may be the case that the surname is of territorial origin, however it is unsure.

In the 1500s the name was quite common in Glasgow, and it was also once relatively common to find it in the parish of Dalswinton.

People recorded with this surname include Jasper Newlands of that Ilk in 1469, and in the burgh of Linlithgow, Duncan Newlandis was bailie during 1493.

Also in Linlithgow, Peter Newlandis was a witness in 1537, and a Kentigern Newlandis was also a witness, but in 1542.

In 1675, Joneta Neulands was accpeted as being the official heir to the lands in the barony of Monkland.

Robert Newlands, a late glover, was a burgess of Edinburgh in 1726.