Nessie! She has to be one of the worlds most famous monsters. Rival to Bigfoot and the Kraken there can’t be many people in the English speaking world who don’t know who she is. But what of the other Scottish monsters? Many others have been told to roam our land; from kelpies, mermaids and fairy folk to the dreaded Linton Worm. Hear about the many strange creatures that populated Scotland through the mists of time.

 Linton Worm 

The Linton Worm

Never mind Nessie, the scariest creature ever to roam Scotland was the infamous Linton Worm. A ‘Worm’ was another term used for a dragon (orme or worme is the ancient Norse for serpent), and the Linton worm lived in a...

The Loch Ness monster

Returning to Iona from his mission to Christianise the Picts, Saint Columba approached one of the crossing points of the River Ness. There was a small settlement here, and a group of people were digging a grave for a newly...

The Kelpies Last Battle - By Lari Don

Almost every Scottish loch has a monster, or at least stories about a monster. Perhaps they are just convenient tales told by grannies to stop local children playing too near the water? The most common monster in these watery warnings...
 Fear Liath 

The Fear Liath

The year was 1890 and John Norman Collie, a respected scientist and explorer was walking in the Cairngorms. This area now popular with tourists, mountaineers and skiers was an even more desolate and unexplored spot back then. As he approached...
 Morag the Monster 

Morag The Monster

“As we were sailing down the loch in my boat we were suddenly disturbed and frightened by a thing that surfaced behind us. We watched it catch us up then bump into the side of the boat, the impact sent...