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Alasdair Ruadh (c.1725-61)
When the Jacobites rose in 1745, Alasdair Ruath, 13th Chief of Keppoch, left France and the Royal French Scots to lead out his clan for Bonnie Prince Charlie. A British man o’ war foiled his seaward return however, and he was imprisoned in the Tower of London until the Rising was well over.

When he was eventually released he assisted in the planning of a further rising, carrying information between Scotland and France often. European activities were carried out, working under the codename ‘Pickle’.

Sileas MacDonnell of Keppoch (c.1660-1729)
With twenty-three poems, several hymns and a song among her work, Sileas MacDonnell left us an insight into her times as she commented on politics, religion and the morals of the population.

After the 1715 Battle of Sheriffmuir floundered from potential Jacobite victory into indecision and then defeat, following by further indecisive strategy in the ensuring weeks, MacDonnell wrote of her disappointment in the Jacobite leaders responsible.

As well as penning her criticisms, MacDonnell wrote touching laments for the loss of some of those she admired.