MacFarlane Clan History
The MacFarlanes are descendants of the Earl of Lennox whose brother was to bestow the lands at Arrochar, by Loch Long, confirmed to Iain MacPharlain in 1420. When Earl Duncan of Lennox was executed by James I the MacFarlanes had a valid claim to the title, yet it was given to the Stewarts by the crown. Initially there was some dispute but they would remain loyal to the Stewarts.

The 13th chief fell against the English at the Battle of Pinkie 1547, during the minority of Mary, Queen of Scots.

However they were to play a decisive part in her downfall at the Battle of Langside 1568. They returned their loyalty to the crown in 1645 when Walter the 16th chief fought under Montrose for Charles I. Oliver Cromwell was to burn the MacFarlane seat at Inveruglas, Loch Lomond, in his invasion of Scotland.

Walter MacFarlane the 20th chief was a noted antiquary and scholar, devoting his life to research to his country. The Arrochar seat was to be sold in 1767, when he died without heirs, by his brother.

The direct male line failed in 1887 and remained without a chief.