McCulloch Clan History
The origins of the name McCulloch are, for the most part, unknown. Traditionally, the name is prominently found in Galloway, but their origin has been described as being “ultra memoriam hominum” in one of their charters. The name may come from the Gaelic Mac Cullaich or Mac C(h)ullach, meaing “son of (the) boar”.

It’s in 1296 when the name first appears, when Thomas Maculagh del counte de Wyggetone rendered homage to Edward I of England. Thomas appears again in 1296, along with his brother Michal, as jurors on an inquest in Berwick. This Thomas is probably the same person as the Thomas Makhulagh, who was sheriff of Wigtown in 1305.

In 1360, Sir Patrick Macologhe had to pay a 100 marks annuity “in recompense of his sufferings, and loss of his lands in Scotland for his allegiance” with the king of England.

Other McCullochs, or those with a variant of the name, recorded include a Helise Makcoulach got married in 1478, also the Patrick Makcowloch who was a presbyter and notary of Candidecase in 1480, may be the same Patrick Mackulloch who was a vicar in Arbroath in 1482.

There was also a David M’Ulloch of Gutters, who was one of the Committee of War in the August of 1643.

The Earls of Ross were followed by the Maccullochs of Tarrel, Plaids, Kindeace, and Glastulich.