McKerrell Clan History
MacKerrel, or in Irish MacFhearghail, ‘son of Fearghal’, means ‘super choice’, and it is an old surname in the Ayrshire area.

One of the first in Scotland recorded to bear the name was a Sir John M’Kirel who fought well at the 1388 battle of Otterburn.

During the reign of William the Lion (1165-1214) a Recherus Mecmaccharil was witness to confirmation by Dunekan, Earl of Karic of a charter by Roger de Scallebroc of the lands in Carrik. During the same period, a charter of lands in Roxburgh to Melrose Abbey by Richard de Moreville, was witnessed by Radulfus Makerel.

In 1376, a Gilbert M’Corrill was a tenant under Douglas in the barony of Buittle, whilst another Gilbert Makcorle, in 1481, was tenant of the Grange of Ballyndune super Cree. A further Gilbert M’Carole was a witness in Dumfries in 1534, and he appears again seven years later in 1541 as M’Carrule.

A William McKeirell was the sheriff-clerk of Ayr in 1595, and appears as McCarrell and McKerrell in following years.