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Ruthven People:

William Ruthven (b. circa 1500)
William Ruthven was one of the earliest supporters of Protestantism in Scotland and spoke out in Parliament in favour of the Scriptures being made available to all.

John Ruthven (1577-1660)
A noted academic, he was educated at Edinburgh and Padua Universities. He was alleged to have been a practitioner of black magic. He was killed in the mysterious affair known as the “Gowrie Incident” and in being involved in this, caused the name of Ruthven to be decreed out of existence.



Alexander Hore-Ruthven


Brigadier Gen. Alexander Hore-Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie
Alexander Ruthven was a distinguished soldier who fought in the Sudan in 1898, where he won the Victoria Cross. He was appointed Governor-General of Australia in 1936.