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Clan Ainslie People

Colonel Sir Philip Ainslie (1728-1802), KT., of Pilton

Philip Ainslie

Philip Ainslie, born in Edinburgh in 1728, was the second son of George Ainslie (d. 1773) and his wife Jane/Jean, daughter, of Sir Philip Anstruther, KT. Philip was educated at Westminster School before entering into the army in 1754. He served as a colonel of the 7th Dragoons, and also served as Lt-Col. of cavalry whilst on duty in Portugal, and as aide-de-camp to Prince Charles of Mecklenberg. Ainslie was knighted by King George III on 25 February 1778. He retired eight years later in 1786, and died in Edinburgh in 1802 at the age of 74, where he had spent his final years. Philip Ainslie was married on the 15th of March, 1772, in Edinburgh to the Hon. Elizabeth (d. 1787), daughter of John, 11th Lord Gray. Philip and Elizabeth had a number of children, including General George Robert Ainslie, and Margaret Jane Ainslie, who married Francis Stuart, 10th Earl of Moray, in 1801 and went on to have three children.

Reverend George Ainslie (1804-1875)

Rev. George Ainslie

George Ainslie was a 19th century Anglican minister. He died on the 14th of May, 1875, at the age of 71.