Clan Bethune History

The name originates in France in the 12th century from the town of the same name. Robert de Betunia appears as a witness in a charter of De Quinci between 1165 and 1190. Around this time the name was often spelled Betun or Beton and in the 16th century it was often confused with the name Beaton.

Bethune, France

John de Beton who was a cleric of the diocese of Dunkeld witnessed a confirmation charter of the church of Ruthven to the Abbey of Arbroath around 1211. David de Betun and John de Betun witnessed a grant of land in Kerimor to the same property between 1214 and 1226.Andrew de Byetoine rendered homage at Forfar in 1296 and Sir David de Betune did the same at Dundee.

Sir Robert de Betune swore fealty at St Andrews in 1291 and Andrew de Betton of Perthshire rendered homage in 1296.Johannes de Beton was one of an inquest on the marches of Kyrknes and Louchor in 1395. William Bettoun of Wosthall was a witness in 1526.

The Bethunes had land in Fife and Angus where the name can still be found.

The Seal of St Andrews bears a cinque foil in dexter chief and S’Andree de Bettvne.

The most well known of this name is the Cardinal and Archbishop David Beaton.