Clan Buchanan Tartans

The Buchanan tartan is one of the most recognisable popular tartans of the day. However, the unusual asymmetric sett that gives it its attractiveness may actually have been because of a mistake. When McIan was painting his Victorian illustrations in the Clans of Scotland 1845. It is thought that the sample he was using to paint would’ve actually been symmetrical but McIan, who was known for his accuracy paint it asymmetrical and quite quickly this became the sett.

The term ‘modern’ refers to the dye shades, usually darker, whereas 'ancient' colours will generally be lighter.

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Buchanan anc

Buchanan Ancient


Buchanan mod

Buchanan Modern


The modern Hunting Buchanan tartan comes from the Vestiarium Scoticum. There seems to be no knowledge of the sett before this, and looks like one of the Sobieski Stewarts designs.  However, it is still nearly 200 years old.

The term ‘modern’ refers to the dyes shades, usually darker.

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Buchanan htg

Buchanan Hunting Modern


The Buchanan old sett is considered to be the correct version before McIan's asymmetrical painting mishap.

The term ‘ancient’ refers to the dye shades, usually lighter, where as 'modern' refers to darker dye colours. The term ‘weathered’ refers to dye shades trying to imitate the colours of a tartan fragment that was found buried on a battlefield. 

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Buchanan Old anc

Buchanan Old Sett Ancient

Buchanan old sett weath

Buchanan Old Sett Weathered