Clan Cameron Tartans

This Cameron tartan came from the Sobieskis Vestiarium Scoticum.  To try and make it authentic they described it in their own version of medieval English as ‘fovr stryppis of grein upon ane scarlatt field, and throuchovt ye red sett ain strypp’.

The term 'ancient' refers to the dye shades, normally lighter, whereas 'modern' refers to darker colours.

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Cameron anc

Cameron Ancient


Cameron mod

Cameron Modern


The Cameron of Erracht tartan was designed in 1793 by the wife of Donald Cameron for the 79th regiment that her son General sir Allan Cameron had raised.  She did not want their regiment wearing the Black Watch tartan.   Her tartan is supposedly based on a mix of the Cameron and the MacDonell of Keppoch (her family).

The term 'ancient' refers to the dye shades, normally lighter, whereas 'modern' refers to darker colours. 

The term 'weathered' refers to the dye shades, these shades were brought out in the 1950s to replicate a fragment of tartan found buried supposedly on an historic battlefield.

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Cameron Erracht anc

Cameron of Erracht Ancient


Cameron Erracht mod

Cameron of Erracht Modern


Cameron Erracht weath

Cameron of Erracht Weathered


The Cameron of Lochiel tartan is probably the oldest of the Cameron tartans. The tartan is taken from a portrait of Gentle Lochiel, Donald Cameron of Lochiel (c.1700 – 1748) from 1764. It has been found that the sett in the painting is slightly different, however, we do not know if the painter made a mistake or if the one he painted is correct. Wilsons brought out the pattern we know today back in the early 1800s.

The term 'modern' refers to the dye shades, normally darker colours, whereas 'ancient' colours are lighter.

Cameron Lochiel anc

Cameron of Lochiel Ancient


Cameron Lochiel mod

Cameron of Lochiel Modern