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Clan Chisholm People

Erik Chisholm (1904-64)

Erik Chisholm was a composer, a Professor of Music and the founder of the Active Society for the Propagation of Contemporary Music which was established in Glasgow in 1929. Over 200 new works were given their first public performance thanks to Chisholm’s efforts, to Hugh MacDairmid he dedicated his production of the huge Opus Clavicembalisticum by Sorabji.

In 1946 he became Professor of Music at the University of Capetown. During this time he wrote a number of short operas. To his wife Lillias, he wrote his most beautiful works, while his major works were to be the Indian and Pibroch Piano Concertos, and the Forsaken Mermaid, a ballet especially composed for the Celtic Ballet Company.

Clan Chisholm Places

Erchless Castle

Erchless Castle in the Highlands was a Clan Chisholm stronghold from the 15th century right up until the 1930s. The lands had been held by Clan Bissett until it passed to the Chisholms through marriage. The current castle was built circa 1600, replacing an older building, built in the 1200s. Erchless Castle experienced renovations and alterations through the 19th century. The castle was sold out of Chisholm ownership in 1937, following the death of the last in the direct line of Chisholms to have owned the estate.