Dalrymple Clan History


The first record of the name is in 1371 in a charter of land to John Kenedy of Dunure which includes Adam de Dalrympil.

In 1390 James of Dalrymple witnessed a charter by Robert, Earl of Fife.

John de Dalrympil was provost of Edinburgh in 1392.


The ruins of Tantallon Castle in East Lothian were bought by Sir Hew Dalrymple in 1699, and held in his family until 1924


Gilbert of Dalrympille was released from the Tower of London (depicted top) in 1413, and John of Dalrymple received safe conduct in England between 1447 and 1459.

Fergus Dalrumpill was a follower of the Earl of Cassilis respited for murder in 1526.

The surname is recorded as ‘de Romple’ on the muster rolls of the Scots Guards in France.