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Frederic Lamond

Frederic Lamond (1868-1948)
Taught by Liszt, Lamond’s powerful piano performances of Beethoven’s work were his greatest moments. He lived mostly in Germany until Hitler’s rise made him return to Britain. His own compositions include “Aus Dem Schottischen Hochlande and Symphony in A, a Cello Sonata”.

Donald Lamont (1874-1958)
The Gaelic writer was born on Tiree and was minister of Blair Atholl. He was editor of the publication ‘Life and Work’ for its Gaelic supplement, covering many issues, from 1907 until 1950.

His essays, commentating on the fictitious parish of Cille-Sgumain, helped the development of the modern, simpler form of Gaelic prose. “Prose Writings of Donald Lamont” was published in 1960, edited from his huge body of work by Thomas M Murchison.