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Charlotte Ramsay Lennox (c. 1730 – 1804)
British author and poet of the 18th century. She is most famous as the author of The Female Quixote and her association with Samuel Johnson, Joshua Reynolds, and Samuel Richardson, but she had a long career and wrote both poetry, prose,

She was probably born in Gibraltar. Her father, James Ramsay, was a Scottish captain in the British Navy, and her mother was Scottish and Irish. At fifteen she accepted a position as a “companion” to the widow Mary Luckyn in London. When she arrived in London, however, she found that Mary Luckyn had gone insane, and so the position was cancelled. She then served as the companion to Lady Isabella Finch.

Her first volume of poetry was entitled Poems on Several Occasions, dedicated to Lady Finch in 1747. Around 1750, Charlotte attempted to be an actor. She was not very successful this. That year she also published her most successful poem, The Art of Coquetry in Gentleman’s Magazine. She met Samuel Johnson around this time, and he held her in very high regard. When her first novel, The Life of Harriot Stuart, Written by Herself, appeared, Johnson threw a lavish party for Mrs. Lennox.

Samuel Richardson and Samuel Johnson both reviewed and helped out with Lennox’s second and most successful novel, The Female Quixote, or, The Adventures of Arabella, and Henry Fielding praised the novel in his Covent Garden Journal. Her third novel, Henrietta, appeared in 1758 and sold well, but it did not bring her any money.

She had two children who survived infancy, Harriot Holles Lennox (d. 1782) and George Lewis Lennox (b. 1771). She was estranged from her husband for many years, and the couple finally separated for good in 1793. He left for America after their separation, while she lived in poverty, entirely on the support of the Literary Fund. She died on January 4, 1804 and was buried in an unmarked grave at Broad Court cemetery.
Bobby Lennox

Bobby Lennox MBE (born 1943)
Scottish professional footballer. Lennox signed provisional forms for Celtic in September 1961 and made his first-team debut the following March. He went on to score 273 league goals in 571 appearances for Celtic, making him the second highest ever scoring record for the club. He won eleven League medals, eight Scottish Cup medals, and four League Cup medals (scoring 63 goals in the competition). He also won a European Cup Medal when he won the competition with the Celtic team known as the Lisbon Lions

He also won ten international caps for Scotland, a total which would surely have been higher if it wasn’t for the intense competition for his position. He was an extremely fast winger and he was known by fans as ‘Buzz Bomb’ or ‘Lemon’ as they thought he made defenders look like ‘suckers’.

He was inducted into the Scottish Football Museum Hall of Fame in November 2005. He was also awarded an MBE in 1981.

Annie Lennox (born 1954)
Oscar, Brit, Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning British rock musician and vocalist. She is both a solo artist and the lead singer of the duo Eurythmics. Ann Lennox was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. She attended Aberdeen High School for Girls She was educated as a classical musician and studied the flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

After three years as lead singer of The Tourists, Lennox achieved her most notable fame as the alto, soul-tinged lead singer of the 1980s pop duo Eurythmics with British musician David A. Stewart. The duo released a long line of classic singles in the 1980s. Though Eurythmics never officially disbanded, Lennox made a fairly clear break with Stewart in 1990, and began her long and equally successful solo career.

Annie Lennox has also amassed a large fortune, said to be worth an estimated £30.95 million over the years working with both Eurythmics and as a solo artist. The father of her two daughters, Lola and Tali, is Uri Fruchtmann, to whom she was married from 1988 to 2000. She was previously married to Radha Raman from 1984 to 1985.

David Thomas Lenox(December 8, 1802 – October 18, 1874)
David Thomas Lenox was an American pioneer who settled in the Oregon Country where he organized the first Baptist Church west of the Rocky Mountains. He was a native of New York, and lived in Illinois and Missouri before he was captain of the first wagon train over the Oregon Trail to what became the state of Oregon. He also organized several schools and churches, and served as a judge and justice of the peace. In Oregon, he settled on the Tualatin Plains near what is now Hillsboro and later lived in Eastern Oregon.