Ochterlony Clan History
Ochterlony, can be found spelled in various different ways. These include Auchterlonie, Auchterlony, Ochterlonie, and Ouchterlony.

The name is of local origin, coming from the lands of Auchterlonie, near Forfar in Angus.

At some point during 1226 and 1239, John of Othirlony exchanged his lands of Othirlony for those of Kenny with Walter, son of Turpin.

In 1296, Wauter de Oghterlovey from the county of Fyfe paid allegiance to the king of England, Edward I, by put his signature on the Ragman Rolls, and his also said to be Auchterlonie of that Ilk.

Alexander de Uchtirlowny was witness, in 1410, to a charter and Perth, and in 1430, this time in Dundee, a Thomas de Ochtirlony was also a charter witness.

David Ochterlovnie was witness to an instrument of the procurator of Brechin in 1457.

The sheriff of Forfar in 1514 was William Auchterlouny de Kellie, and Eduard Auchtirloyne sat as sheriff-depute in 1518, at Cupar.

As servitor to the Marquis of Hamilton, David Auchterlonyng was admitted as burgess of Glasgow in 1627.

The Ochterlonies of Pitforthy, in Ayrshire, and the Ochterlonies of Kintrockat are both descendants of the Auchterlonies of Kelly.