Skene  Crest & Coats of Arms

Skene Clan Crest:

Crest Description: A dexter arm issuing from the shoulder out of a cloud, holding forth in the hand a triumphal crown, Proper.

Skene Coats of Arms:

A note on Coats of Arms:
Under Scottish heraldic law a coat of arms is awarded to an individual (with the exception of civic or corporate arms) . There is no such thing as a ‘family coat of arms’ The arms represented below are personal arms (with the above exceptions). Only the individual granted these arms has the right to use them.  for more information see our pages on heraldry here:


Skene Arms: Gu. three skenes, or daggers, paleways in fess ar. hilted and pommelled or, on the point of each a wolf`s head couped of the third – `Some,` we quote Sir George MacKenzie, `derive their names as well as their arms from some considerable action, and this a second son of STRUAN ROBERTSON, for killing a wolf on Stocket Forest, by a dirk in the king`s presence, got the name of SKENE, which signifies a dirk in Irish, and three dirk points in pale for his arms.` Crest – A dexter arm from the shoulder issuing out of a cloud, holding in the hand a garland ppr. Supporters – Dexter, a Highlandman in his proper garb, holding a skene in his right hand in a guarding posture; sinister, another Highlandman in a servile habit, his target on the left arm, and the Darlach by the right side all ppr. Motto – Virtutis regia merces (Royal is the reward of virtue )


Arms of Skene of that ilk 1672



Skene Arms