Clan MacNicol

Gaelic Name: MacNeacai

Crest: A hawk’s head erased Gules

Motto: Sgorr A Bhreac

Lands: Skye

Historic Seat: Scorrybreac Castle

Clan Chief:J ohn MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac

Associated Names

There is only one family that is a sept of McNicol (The rest are name variations) this is Nimmo.

Name Variations:

The Original Gaelic form of the name MacNeacail has over 80 variations in spelling. This is due to Anglicising the name after the Jacobite Rebellions, as well as many emigrants from Scotland changing their names on arrival in their new country, as did many people who migrated to the Scottish lowlands in search of work. Shortening or dropping the prefix “Mc” or “Mac”, or Anglicising a Gaelic surname, or indeed changing the surname altogether for a similar sounding English one, which would be easier to pronounce and would conceal one’s origins, was common occurrence.

Nicail(l) Nickol(s) MacNicael(l) Niccol(s) Nickoll(s) MacNichel(l) Niccoll(s) Nickolson MacNichol(s) Nichael Nickson MacNicholas Nichel(s) Niclasson MacNicholl(s) Nichoal Nicol(s) MacNickel(s) Nicholai Nicolaisen MacNickell(s) Nichol(s) Nicoll(s) MacNickle(s) Nicholas(s) Nicollsoun MacNickol(s) Nicholaisen Nicolson MacNickoll(s) Nicholassen Niklesson MacNicl e Nicholay Niochol(l) MacNicol(s) Nichold(s) Nix(on) MacNicoll(s) Nichole(s) Nuccle(s) MacNille Nicholl(s) Nuccol MacReacail Nicholson(e) Nuckall MacRickle Nicholsoun Nuckel(s) MagNicle Nickal(s) Nuckelson Maguenel Nickall(s) Nuckle Makneguel Nickel(s) Nuckoll MakNychol(l) Nickell(s) Nucolsone MhicNeacail Nickelson Nychol(l) Micole Nickerson Nycholay(i) M’Nychol(l) Nickisson Nycholson M’Nychole Nicklas(s) Nycholsoun Neclasson Nickle(s) Nycol(s) Necole(s) Nickold(s) Nycoll(s)

MacNichol is also down as an accepted sept of Clan Campbell


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