The Neolithic Age is considered the New Stone Age.

By 3,000 BC. The population in Scotland increased partially due to the submerged land link between southeast England and Continental Europe — Britain had become an island. This forced some southern settlers to look for new lands in the north and the influx of people into Scotland began to alter the face of the land. People began to clear forests, farm and form permanent settlements such as the incredible Neolithic village of Skara Brae, in Orkney.

Skara Brae Prehistoric Village

Neolithic villages here: Skara Brae, Calanais on the Isle of Lewis, (formerly called Callanish or Callernish but having only recently been replaced with the Gaelic form of the name), Maes Howe and many others.

Calanais (Callanish) on the Isle of Lewis, date to 3,000 BC

Skara Brae Artistic