Chisholm Modern Tartan Pet Bandana

Size: Small (29-35cm)
Sale price$18.99
This product will be custom made


Tired of your furry friend looking like every other pet on the block? Add a touch of modern style to your pet's wardrobe with the Chisholm Modern Tartan Pet Bandana. Made exclusively for stylish pets like yours, this bandana is the perfect accessory to showcase your pet's unique personality.

  • Customizable Tartan Design: Choose from a wide range of tartan patterns to find the perfect match for your pet's style.
  • High-Quality Materials: Our pet bandana is crafted with care, featuring a durable black polyester neck strap with an adjustable buckle and clip.

Not only does this bandana exude style, but it is also practical for everyday use. The metal loop on the back allows you to easily attach your pet's lead, making walks a breeze. Plus, with three sizes available, you can ensure the perfect fit for your furry companion.

No more settling for generic accessories that fade into the background. Elevate your pet's look with the Chisholm Modern Tartan Pet Bandana and make them the talk of the neighborhood. Buy yours today and give your pet the fashion-forward edge they deserve.

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