Heathergems Round Heather Bead Bracelet

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Introducing the Heathergems Round Heather Bead Bracelet, a true celebration of Scotland's breathtaking landscape. Handmade with care, this bracelet is a perfect accessory for those who appreciate the beauty of nature.

The heart of this unique bracelet features a gem crafted from hand-harvested heather. Through a meticulous process of compression, dyeing, and shaping, every piece showcases the essence of Scotland's flora. By harvesting the heather this way, we prioritize sustainability, allowing for new growth to flourish in the picturesque Scottish landscape.

With each heathergem being one-of-a-kind, this bracelet becomes a personal statement of individuality. It makes a thoughtful gift, encapsulating the natural wonder of Scotland. Delivered in an exquisite gift box, accompanied by a story card, it's truly a present to cherish.

Experience the artistry of Scotland with this bracelet, handcrafted with passion and precision. The thong measures 8", providing a comfortable fit for most wrists.

  • Add a touch of nature to your style with this handcrafted bracelet.
  • Celebrate Scotland's unique landscape and promote sustainability.

Embrace the allure of Heathergems and make a statement with this round bead bracelet. Inspired by nature, handcrafted in Scotland.

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