Lightweight Tartan by the meter G-L

Tartan: Gordon Ancient
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Upgrade your wardrobe with our Lightweight Tartan by the meter G-L. This versatile and stylish tartan is crafted from 100% pure wool, making it not only luxurious but also warm and cozy. Perfect for creating unique garments and accessories, this lightweight tartan is sure to make a statement.

Produced by one of Scotland's oldest and most respected woolen mills, this tartan is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. It weighs 10oz and measures 59" wide (150cm), ensuring you have plenty of fabric to work with. Whether you're making a traditional kilt, a chic scarf, or a trendy dress, our Lightweight Tartan has got you covered.

  • Authentic Scottish Quality: Crafted by one of Scotland's best respected woolen mills, this tartan is made with the finest 100% pure wool. It's not only premium in quality but also embraces the rich heritage and traditions of Scotland.
  • Versatile and Fashionable: The Lightweight Tartan offers endless possibilities for your creative projects. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for both clothing and home decor. Stand out from the crowd with your unique creations.

Elevate your style game and showcase your individuality with our Lightweight Tartan by the meter G-L. Whether you're a professional designer or a passionate amateur, this tartan is a must-have for your fabric collection. Order now and let your creativity soar.

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