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Looking to add a touch of Scottish charm to your next event? Look no further than our Scotland Flags Paper Napkins! This pack of 20 napkins is perfect for parties, gatherings, or simply adding a festive flair to your dining table.

Each napkin features a vibrant and bold Scottish flag design, showcasing the iconic blue and white St Andrew's Cross. Measuring 13" x 13" square, these napkins are the perfect size to accompany your delicious meals or to use as coasters for drinks.

Why choose our Scotland Flags Paper Napkins? Here are two key features that make them a must-have:

  • Scottish Pride: Show off your Scottish pride with these beautiful paper napkins. The iconic Scottish flag design adds a patriotic touch to any occasion, making it perfect for Scottish-themed parties, Burns Night celebrations, or even casual get-togethers with friends and family.
  • Convenience and Versatility: With a pack of 20 napkins, you'll have more than enough to go around. These napkins are disposable, providing a hassle-free cleanup after the event. They are also versatile, suitable for both formal and informal gatherings. Whether you're hosting a fancy dinner or a casual picnic, these napkins are the perfect choice.

When it comes to hosting a memorable event, the small details matter. Make a statement and impress your guests with our Scotland Flags Paper Napkins. Order your pack of 20 today and add a touch of Scottish pride to your next celebration!

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