Scottish Clans & Families

Scottish Clans & Families

At ScotClans we have listings for over 350 Scottish Clans and Families. Complete with histories, tartans crests and much more. View your clan lands and browse our extensive database of clan images in the world’s largest clan resource.

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What’s my Clan?

Not sure if your surname has a clan connection? Search our listings of Scottish names to find if it has links to a clan or Scottish family armiger.

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Browse our online tartan pattern book featuring hundreds of clan, family, district and other tartans.

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Clan Map

Find your clan and family homelands on our interactive map, discover where in Scotland your clan came from and who their neighbours were.

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Clan FAQ

Confused? Try our Clan FAQ, it will answer questions like:

  • What’s a Clan?
  • How did Clans Come About
  • The Irish: Clann
  • Who Can Belong to a Clan or Family
  • Is There a Clan Coat of Arms?
  • Can I Display a Clan Crest
  • What’s The Difference Between a Clan and a Familiy
  • Does the Lord Lyon Regulate Clans?
  • Are Mc and Mac Different Clans

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ScotClans Working with Clan Societies & Organisations

ScotClans spends a great deal of time engaging with the clan audience worldwide and working with Clan societies. Here are a few examples of work we do with the clans.

  • ScotClans working with COSCA at Grandfather Mountain, USA
  • Working with Clan Donald at Arisaig
  • Working with Durie Family Association
  • Assisting the New chief of Clan Macnab setting up a website and social media presence.

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