Clan Forrester

Basic Info.

Forrester Clan Crest

Forrester Clan Crest


Crest: A hound’s head erased, Proper, collared, Gules
Motto: Blaw Hunter Blaw Thy Horn
Animal: Hound
District: Lothian
Historic Seat: Costorphine Castle, Edinburgh
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Forrester Tartan

Forrester Clan

Forrester Clan

Forrester Clan tartan

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Clan History

forrester_img_historyForrester History

Derived from the name of the ‘forest keeper’.

Archebaldus Forestar witnessed a grant by Gillemor filius Gilleconel to the church of Leshmagow in 1444, and in 1190 William Forestarius’s house was one of the boundaries of the lands of the church of Molle.

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Clan Lands

Forrester Lands


Forrester Map

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