Clan Gunn

Basic Info.

Gunn Clan Crest

Gunn Clan Crest

Clan Gunn

Gaelic Name: Guinne
Motto: Aut Pax Aut Bellum (Either peace or war)
Badge: Juniper
Lands: Caithness and Sutherland
Origin of Name: Norse, Gunn-arr
Pipe Music: The Gunn’s Salute
Clan Chief: Iain A Gunn

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Gunn Tartan

Gunn Modern

Gunn Modern

Gunn Clan tartan

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Clan History

Caithness - Gunn lands

Caithness – Gunn lands

Gunn History

The Norse word gunnr means war. Living between Caithness and Sutherland, the Gunns were descended from the Norsemen, some think possibly from Olaf the Black himself, and their name foretold their destiny.
The ferocious Gunns were continually at enmity with neighbouring clans, especially the Keiths.

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Clan Lands

Gunn Lands

Gunn Map

Gunn Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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